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As a joke writer, it has often been said to, “open with a joke.” It’s great advice for a number of reasons. Nothing connects a speaker to an audience and grabs the focus of a crowd faster than a killer opening joke. Conversely, nothing alienates a large room full of strangers faster than a poorly timed, ill constructed, and failed attempt at humor. Whatever the speaking engagement, Frank can help customize your jokes to the theme and goals of the event or presentation. The quickest way to turn a crowd who doesn’t know you into an audience who loves you is to entice them with a dollop of hilarity. Jokes that are universally recognized yet still hit close to home are few and far between. Frank King has mastered this skill. Whether you’re speaking to a small Midwest community, a ritzy New York crowd, or a hipster San Francisco group, Frank can set up a joke that is sure to land. Regardless of the content of your speech, humor is a great way to break the ice and connect with your unique audience. Everyone loves a good laugh!
So, how do you connect with a unique crowd of people you’ve just met? Grab their focus, and have them hanging on your every word? And without risking turning them into torch-wielding villagers chasing you through the streets calling for your head? Good news, you’re in the right place! Comedy in the right hands can work all kinds of magic. Comedy in the wrong hands can turn all kinds of people off. This results in awkward silences, nervous laughter, and unwelcome changes of careers. You wouldn’t do your own dental work. Why try to write your own comedy? Talk about pulling teeth! By adding a touch of funny to your topic, you’ll have an engaged audience and a memorable presentation. It’s a quick way to avoid the typical mind numbing, soul sucking presentation ending with a smattering of golf applause. Frank helps you make any audience from anywhere in the world laugh, regardless of the content or topic. Your crowd will think you’re a regular stand up comedian! Adding a dollop of professionally written and hilarious one liners will give audiences an entertaining performance that will be the talk of the event and leave them wanting more!

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