You have a topic you’re passionate about. What you don’t have is the most important piece of a money-making speaking career, a marketable keynote speech or TED talk. Enter Frank King, professional keynote speaker and coach.

You can’t find just anyone to help you create that speech, with a heart story, core promise, and takeaways…until now.

Sure, I can tell you the simple things like to start drinking water 15 minutes before your talk; to focus on your breathing; to be aware of your stage presence; that the audience is actually on your side; and how to avoid getting worked-up too much before you go out on stage… but there is so much more to a Ted Talk or various keynote.

Whether you are speaking locally, or have a national audience, I can help you craft the perfect keynote speech to connect with the largest audience possible. Together we can create a passionate and moving speech that resonates around the world.

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