Nurses at Higher Risk for Suicide Than Other People

My dad died at age 40 in 1964. My mom was left a single parent with two kids to raise all by herself. The good new is, she worked at the NC Board of Nursing, a quasi NC State agency that gave State Boards to nurses. Most of her friends were nurses, and they did for us...

Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

“A shift is occurring right now," says Sandra Kuhn, principal of total health management at Mercer. “The delivery of behavioral health services is complicated and challenged with many issues, such as cost of care, inconsistent quality and standards, access to care, integration with medical and of course stigma.”

Middle Aged Men, Endangered Species; Suicide Prevention

Men tend not to take care of themselves, physically or mentally. They wait to long to have a colonoscopy, they wait too long to have a prostate exam, they wait too long to have a doctor look at the lump in their testicle, they wait to long to tell someone about their chest pain and shortness of breath, and they often don't tell anyone that they are depressed and having thoughts of suicide.

College Suicide Prevention

Listen to Frank speak with Kayla Desroches of Yellowstone Public  I've done some radio. Co-hosted a rock and roll morning show in Raleigh, NC on WRDU 106.1 and took it from number one to number six in eighteen months...and of course I got fired. I did an afternoon...

Suicide, an Epidemic for College Students

Frank being interviewed by The Studio at North Rim   What if three people a day, every day died from something eminently preventable? What if it wasn’t a result of dangerous behavior like smoking, drinking or opioid abuse? Those people have a name college students.  ...

Bird Box and Thoughts

Okay, spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the Netflix movie “Bird Box” this post may spoil it for you. Which is good news, as you’ll save the two hours watching something that should have been called “Bottom of the Bird Cage.” It was awful, mental health issues aside....

Sex and Suicide; Mental Health and the Orgasm

Treat Your Depression Singlehandedly Meditation, Medication, and Masturbation Turns out that I’ve been self-medicating for years. Oh, come on, you can’t tell me that it wasn’t a big day in your life when you discovered that little one-piece home entertainment system....

Time to shift farm safety into high gear, Suicide Prevention in Agriculture

Time to shift farm safety into high gear, Suicide Prevention in Agriculture

Now if we could only get the powers that be in Agriculture to step up and get proactive. Suicide Prevention as an Agriculture Health and Safety Issue. Its bad, and given that farm income is half what it was in 2013, chances are it's going to get a lot worse. Someone needs to Start the Conversation on Suicide...that's my job.
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