I’ve done some radio. Co-hosted a rock and roll morning show in Raleigh, NC on WRDU 106.1 and took it from number one to number six in eighteen months…and of course I got fired.
I did an afternoon drive talk show in San Diego on 760KFMB for three months. Got fired on April Fool’s Day. Who fires a comedian on April Fool’s day? It broke my heart. I cried. It was the best job I’ve ever had, before or since.
Working on the air on radio is like malaria, it gets in your bloodstream, and there’s no way to get it out.
Given that, when the opportunity to apply to work at the KLCC, the local Eugene NPR station, as a part time, weekend, fill in, as needed morning host (a dream job, I know), I jumped on the application. It took me three hours.
I got a couple of recommendations from former radio pals, and Jay Leno, and emailed in the job app.
The station manager, John something, never even contacted me to say that I didn’t get it. Stay classy KLCC.
So, when I was asked to come on the NPR radio station in Billings to talk about college suicide prevention, I was delighted to oblige.
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