There’s a book about men, for men. https://www.gutsgritgrind.com/ by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, Suicide Prevention Speaker, Sarah W. Gaer, Suicide Prevention Speaker and Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, Suicide Prevention Speaker http://www.thementalhealthcomedian.com

The book is an anthology, called “Guts, Grit and the Grind; a Men’s Mental Fitness Manual.”

Eight out of ten suicides in the US are white men age 45-54. According to the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men die by suicide three and a half times more than woman.

Three times as many women attempt suicide as men. Men complete suicide more often because they choose more lethal means, a gun.

Men tend not to take care of themselves, physically or mentally. They wait to long to have a colonoscopy, they wait too long to have a prostate exam, they wait too long to have a doctor look at the lump in their testicle.

They often don’t tell anyone that they are depressed and having thoughts of suicide.

The authors wrote “Guts, Grit and the Grind” because men are more willing to be mentored by men, and middle aged men are an endangered species.

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