Millennials and Mental Health
A blog by The Mental Health Comedian

Millennials are often referred to as the “anxious generation.” The world they have grown up in is vastly different than any before them. They were the first to grow up with the constant presence of social media and the internet. They work harder and longer hours, are more educated, in more debt, and most likely to compare their achievements to others. Millennials have opportunities unique to their generation, but everything is incredibly fast-paced and competitive, with the expectation that things will happen at the push of a button. Social media may be a cause of this, with the expectation that you are always vulnerable to others, and always in a social situation.

These may sound like bad things, but millennials grew up hearing and learning about mental health. They aren’t afraid to ask for help, or communicate to friends that they’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed.

Parents and grandparents were very unlikely to discuss, much less diagnose and treat, mental health problems. Millennials aren’t afraid to speak out when they need help. Partly thanks to social media, they are learning that mental health is a vital part of their overall well-being. They are learning about mental illnesses at earlier ages, and see celebrities and friends alike speaking up and sharing their personal struggles. The more it is talked about and normalized, the more the stigma is lessened.

It isn’t easy for everyone to talk about their mental health issues openly, but the subject is becoming less taboo. Millennials are helping to end the stigma and get mental health out of the darkness. With people to talk to and help available, those struggling with mental issues will feel less and less alone.

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