My dad died at age 40 in 1964. My mom was left a single parent with two kids to raise all by herself. The good new is, she worked at the NC Board of Nursing, a quasi NC State agency that gave State Boards to nurses.

Most of her friends were nurses, and they did for us what nurses do for everyone, they came to the rescue. I cannot recall a Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, Pop Warner football game, music recital where there weren’t one or more nurses. They took us under their wings and helped my mom raise and care for us.

Nurses are caregivers. It’s a good thing. The problem is, like many caregivers, they neglect their own care. They often forget to put their own oxygen mask on first. Which in part explains why nurses have a higher rate of suicide than those in the general population…

Nurses more likely to die by suicide than others

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