Suicide Prevention as a Farmer Health and Safety Issue

I delivered my Suicide Prevention keynote in Glenwood, Springs, CO last Tuesday.

Colorado is one of the Western States in what mental health professionals call the “Suicide Belt.” No one is sure why the rates of suicide are higher here, than in other parts of the country.

Could it be the lack of mental health services? The cowboy up, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, rather than seek help philosophy? Could it be the altitude, and lack of oxygen.

Whatever it is, the town of Glenwood Springs is doing something about it.

Now if we could only get the powers that be in Agriculture to step up and get proactive. Suicide Prevention as an Agriculture Health and Safety Issue.

Its bad, and given that farm income is half what it was in 2013, chances are it’s going to get a lot worse.https://billingsgazette.com/news/local/msu-billings-longtime-tonight-snow-writer-shed-light-on-suicide/article_e9447b9a-bbe3-540a-affc-b9810c468256.html

Someone needs to Start the Conversation on Suicide…that’s my job.

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